Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Trip to NYC

I must first say that I regretfully left my camera charger at home.  By the time I arrived in NYC my camera was dead.  I felt like crying and I couldn't believe I didn't remember to bring the charger.  The first full day we were there my sister took pics (which I haven't seen yet).  I broke down and bought a digital disposable camera and these are some of the pics from that camera.  I'm really not very happy with the way many of them turned out.  Nothin' I can do about it now.

I was thinking this was Union Square, but I'm really not sure since we were in so many different places I sort of lost track. We sure did think it was pretty though.

Me (on the left) and sister Tiffany with the statue of liberty in the distance behind us.  The weather was cool, but not COLD as Tiff would lead you to believe.  She was always freezing.  I keep on telling her that she needs just a little more "insulation" on her.   The guy who photographed us got me with my eyes closed, nothin' I can do about it now.

Loved all the old buildings winding along the streets.  They are sooo fascinating to me.  I always want to see what they look like on the see if they have as much character on the inside as the outside.  I would love to own an apartment in one of these and decorate with fabulous cool stuff.

I especially like this first off-white one.  They were much neater in real life.

Canal Street at dusk.  This is where you can find all of the knock off brand stuff such as purses, watches, etc.  Truly, I wasn't impressed.  It was the same ol' stuff you see everywhere.  I don't like having the same things that everyone else has.

This very cool vintage clothing store we went into right next to Canal Street.  He had good prices for the area.  I would have bought something but my money was getting low.  He told us that everything he received was donated to him from the Salvation Army; they gave him all the vintage clothing.  I asked him how he managed that and he just sort of shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

One more pic of the inside of the place.  It was totally packed with vintage clothing.  A paradise for me ;).

We went to a discount clothing store named Century 21.  It was right next to the Twin Towers.  I have to laugh when I say "discount".  Most of the clothing was still way out of our price range.  The 3rd floor of the building housed very high end designer clothing like Stella McCartney, Emilio Pucci, Missoni, etc..  The kind of clothes that costs thousands of dollars.  Soooo, I've always had a "thing" for Pucci clothing.  It always has a very distinctive look to it.  I've never even seen any of the clothing in real life.  Alas, I find a whole rack of his clothes.  This Pucci dress, that isn't too attractive in the pic, was 50% off at an affordable $500 haha.  Actually, I really liked this dress in real life.  Vintage Pucci from the late 60's and early 70's is very collectable.  It would be cool just to own a piece of the vintage.

An interesting cemetery with a unique building in the back.  Sort of odd to find this cemetery amid all the skyscrapers.  Possibly, this cemetery is some historic monument that we didn't take the time to stop and read about.

Like I mentioned, I'm not impressed with my pics at all.  I was hoping to have photos to refer to in the future to refresh my memory.  I will just have to rely on my memory to remember this super fun trip.

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