Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Trip to NYC

I must first say that I regretfully left my camera charger at home.  By the time I arrived in NYC my camera was dead.  I felt like crying and I couldn't believe I didn't remember to bring the charger.  The first full day we were there my sister took pics (which I haven't seen yet).  I broke down and bought a digital disposable camera and these are some of the pics from that camera.  I'm really not very happy with the way many of them turned out.  Nothin' I can do about it now.

I was thinking this was Union Square, but I'm really not sure since we were in so many different places I sort of lost track. We sure did think it was pretty though.

Me (on the left) and sister Tiffany with the statue of liberty in the distance behind us.  The weather was cool, but not COLD as Tiff would lead you to believe.  She was always freezing.  I keep on telling her that she needs just a little more "insulation" on her.   The guy who photographed us got me with my eyes closed, nothin' I can do about it now.

Loved all the old buildings winding along the streets.  They are sooo fascinating to me.  I always want to see what they look like on the see if they have as much character on the inside as the outside.  I would love to own an apartment in one of these and decorate with fabulous cool stuff.

I especially like this first off-white one.  They were much neater in real life.

Canal Street at dusk.  This is where you can find all of the knock off brand stuff such as purses, watches, etc.  Truly, I wasn't impressed.  It was the same ol' stuff you see everywhere.  I don't like having the same things that everyone else has.

This very cool vintage clothing store we went into right next to Canal Street.  He had good prices for the area.  I would have bought something but my money was getting low.  He told us that everything he received was donated to him from the Salvation Army; they gave him all the vintage clothing.  I asked him how he managed that and he just sort of shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

One more pic of the inside of the place.  It was totally packed with vintage clothing.  A paradise for me ;).

We went to a discount clothing store named Century 21.  It was right next to the Twin Towers.  I have to laugh when I say "discount".  Most of the clothing was still way out of our price range.  The 3rd floor of the building housed very high end designer clothing like Stella McCartney, Emilio Pucci, Missoni, etc..  The kind of clothes that costs thousands of dollars.  Soooo, I've always had a "thing" for Pucci clothing.  It always has a very distinctive look to it.  I've never even seen any of the clothing in real life.  Alas, I find a whole rack of his clothes.  This Pucci dress, that isn't too attractive in the pic, was 50% off at an affordable $500 haha.  Actually, I really liked this dress in real life.  Vintage Pucci from the late 60's and early 70's is very collectable.  It would be cool just to own a piece of the vintage.

An interesting cemetery with a unique building in the back.  Sort of odd to find this cemetery amid all the skyscrapers.  Possibly, this cemetery is some historic monument that we didn't take the time to stop and read about.

Like I mentioned, I'm not impressed with my pics at all.  I was hoping to have photos to refer to in the future to refresh my memory.  I will just have to rely on my memory to remember this super fun trip.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Going to NYC!!!

I have wanted to visit New York City for quite a few years.  For one reason or another I've never been able to make it up there.  Most of the people I'm around have no desire to visit this city or they've already "been there don't that".  Furthermore, NYC is expensive.  Funny thing, I've been to the state of New York a couple of times and up in the northeast U.S. a bit.  Just not NYC.  Usually, when there's something I really want I find a way to get it. 

I have a friend, Sharon Baker.  Her daughter Suzy moved there earlier this year after graduating from Paul Mitchell cosmetology school in Utah. Suzy decided to live her 20's to the fullest and move to NYC.  She is learning from the best as an apprentice in a Manhattan salon. She is a cool (but mature, I think) 20 year old chick.  I've always enjoyed talking to her whenever I'm over visiting her mom.  Suzy has mentioned more than once that I should come up and visit and I'm more than welcome to stay at her place.  I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me by.

Of course I wanted to find someone to go with me.  My husband Duane just wasn't interested in taking a trip up there.  It's a little difficult for him to get off work and also, finding somewhere for the kiddos to stay is another issue.  At first, my friend Becky was going to come with me.  She had to back out.  I called my sister's Tiffany and Courtney.  They were both very interested in going since neither of them have been to NYC.  Tiffany made it happen and got her ticket.  It just wasn't gonna happen for Court.  We'll miss our sis and wish she could've been with us.

Tiff and me will be meeting up in NYC after we get off our planes this Friday and will be there until Tuesday.  Hope we have a great time, that we are safe and that our families stay safe.

Check back next week with pics from our trip.  I will then be blogging about Simply Unique.  A wonderful fabric store and studio in Ozark, AL.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Artists from the MerryMart Art/Crafts Show I Liked!

The first was the Petal Sisters.  I met Becky, one of the sisters.  She made purses, wallets and aprons from a combination of different fabrics.  I've seen lots of people making purses from funky vintage inspired fabrics but the designs of Becky's with the addition of military style fabric was unique.  In addition, the shapes and designs of her purses were more unique than most I see.  The quality was also very good. I liked the way Becky marketed her's with super cool tags and business cards.

You know she had to have spent a lot of time on the purse below.
Love the red vintage door in her booth.
To look at more of Becky's creations, go to

The second was Hues Jewelry with Kristen Hughes.  Her designs had an understated, earthy quality to them.  The semi precious stones and chain she used were impressive.  They weren't the normal trendy jewelry that are easy to pinpoint to this day and time.  They had a timeless look that only a real artists could have created. And again, I liked the way she displayed her items, the tags and packaging were nice too.  Well thought out.

I liked this necklace.

On this day my mom bought the longer necklace on the green display for me for Christmas.  We were lucky to do it with a little bartering (one of my mom's gorgeous children's dresses that Kristen wanted for a friend) and a little cash.  My photos really don't do the jewelry justice.

Some cool bracelets......

....and earrings.

Kristen can be found at  In addition, she keeps a shop named hues at 131 S. Woodburn Dr., Dothan, AL.  Her boyfriend , Jeremy Hester, is a stained glass artists who keeps a shop at the same location.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Really Wanted to Show Y'all Some Pics This Evening.......

but my camera is recharging and will be the rest of the evening.  I had my first experience selling my polymer clay jewelry, vintage button rings and upcycled vintage bags yesterday at the Merry Mart Arts/Crafts Show.  I did well for my first time.  I've got a little bit better idea of what people are looking for and how I will set up for next time.  I enjoyed meeting some of the other vendors there who were so talented and had such great taste in the creations that they made.  I'll share some pics from my choice of the most talented.  Now, don't think that I didn't think other people were talented, because they were.  I really just liked a couple of creations from 2 different booths.   Check back tomorrow evening.  Meanwhile, I've got to begin packing for NYC!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Happy with the Way My Display Cases Turned Out!

The necklace and ring cases were both made from old wooden windows. The hooks are from old knobs.  Super easy to do.   I believe it really gives interest to the jewelry and will hopefully catch people's attention.  We'll see. ;)  Glad this is all just a hobby or I'd be livin' on the streets.

I just need to take the metal latch off the bottom so that the frame sits level.

Rings made out of vintage buttons.

Some other necklaces I'm selling this weekend at the art/craft show and
soon will be on
Love the patina on my display door.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Earthy Two Peas in a Pod Necklace on Etsy

Lovin' this adorable earthy necklace I just listed on Etsy. Made by me. :}

Find it on for just $14.

And behold, I tell you these things that you may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.  Mosiah 2:17

I learned many years ago that when you are serving others you don't have time to think about yourself.  Typically, most people who don't think about themselves are much happier.  Remember, every sin is selfish.  Serve others!   It will keep you happy and out of trouble.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lovin' This Blue Vintage Crocheted 50's Dress

I'm not sure what it is about this dress, but I love it.......the color, the tasseled belt, the cool crocheted "peek a boo" holes?  Believe me, if it fit, I'd keep it.  But it doesn't.  Check it out in

Just had to share one of my favorite scriptures with y'all tonight:

Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true. Alma 32:21

This scripture has helped me many times, especially in the midst of chaos and craziness.

Monday, November 9, 2009

MerryMart Arts and Crafts Show this Weekend!

For those of you in the area.......don't forget!

The MerryMart Arts and Crafts Show
November 14  
Daleville High School
Daleville, AL

Sponsored by the Ft. Rucker Officer's Wives Club.

I will be there selling my fabulous polymer clay jewelry, upcycled vintage bags and vintage button rings.  Come and visit me!  I'd love to see ya!

The Little Green Country Church

Also in my Etsy shop now......the little green country church that I've made from polymer clay.

This church was inspired by the churches that I've grown up living near in Florida and Alabama a good portion of my life.......simple country churches.  Please visit to purchase this necklace.

This church comes on an antiqued copper 24" chain.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Etsy Shop is Now Open!!!!!!!

Check out for a fabulous collection of vintage dresses, jackets, sweaters, pumps, skirts, furs.....etc!  I am in the beginning stages of filling my shop up so check back on a daily basis to see what you find.   

60's Patchwork Suede Hippy Jacket in my shop now.

Email me letting me know you read my blog and get 10% off your purchase (10% off each clothing item, shipping not included in the discount).  Please email me before paying so that I can edit the price.....just message me in my Etsy shop.  I check often.

***In the near future I will also be including my handmade clay jewelry.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Place to Buy Vintage Clothing in Southeast Alabama

One of my favorite locations for purchasing vintage happens to be at Bo and Annice's shop in the Old South Antique Mall.  I've meant some super people since moving to Dothan from Tallahassee almost 7 years ago, Bo and Annice rank right up there as some of the nicest.  I became acquainted with them after opening my own shop in the Highland's Antique Mall where I also sold vintage clothing.  We would visit each other's shops and admire each other's clothing.

Bo and Annice have been selling vintage together for almost 9 years in Old South.  They told me that the two of them selling together has worked out well; they each have different styles of vintage that they prefer and this keeps a good variety of clothing in their shop.  Annice's favorite styles are 50's and 60's prom dresses and simple vintage cotton dresses from the same eras.  She doesn't pay attention to the brand or designer.  On the other hand, Bo likes higher end couture fashion.  She tends to pay a little more attention to the labels.

As you can see, their place is interesting.  They carry vintage hats, luggage, ties, lingerie, shoes, gloves....... should I go on?  Pretty much everything vintage that goes on the bod.  My favorite vintage are the chic 50's and 60's fitted dresses, they carry those too.  You will also find funky 60's/70's bell bottoms and maxi dresses along with those fabulous vintage coats that don't get much wear in good ol' LA (lower Alabama).  I must add that their prices are extremely reasonable.

Bo and Annice both declined to be in the picture since they didn't know I was coming and didn't feel prepared.  I decided to jump in.  Check out some of those cool vintage stiletto heels!

Funny, this coat looked so familiar to me.  It then occurred to me that I once owned this coat.  I got tired of it after while, put it in my shop and then Bo bought it.  She wore it for a while and now has it in her shop.  Lovin' that fab leopard trim!

On the particular day that I visited, I bought this adorable mid 60's chartreuse dress.  I love the cut out collar and bow in the same color.  This dress will be sold in my etsy shop at soon.  It's in mint condition and a modern size 5-6.

They also have children's vintage in the armoire on the right side of the photo.


Check out those funky vintage ties!

The key to wearing vintage is to pick out one vintage item to wear, but don't wear vintage from head to toe unless your going to a costume party.  If you do, it tends to make you look dated.  For instance, wear a vintage dress, but then wear modern shoes, jewelry, etc.  Or, wear vintage shoes, but make the rest of the outfit up to date.

For one of a kind vintage fashion, Bo and Annice's place is definitely worth checking out.  Remember, they're in the Old South Antique Mall, Dothan, AL, 1861 Reeves St.,  794-7568.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Like the Before and After of this Chic Vintage Dining Room Table / Table Rehab

I really like the classic look of this table; just a little updating is all it needs.

This chic high gloss black really give this table the "wow" factor.  The white trim with the black sort of remind me of a tuxedo......the "tuxedo table".  The traditional table with the modern chairs really speak to me because it's unexpected.  The black and white "skin" rug tie everything together.

My only other thought was that even though I'm diggin this look, I would never pull my 13 month old up to this table.  That rug would be destroyed in minutes!   This before and after came from Design Sponge.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Upcycled Recycled Vintage Travel Bag

I have a small collection of travel cases and bags, some of them stored up in my attic that I haven't been able to part with.  Recently I saw a very nifty way to give them new pizazz.  I just had to try this on one of my bags:

This bag was actually much newer than most of them in my collection. What an excellent way to give something new life! I will be selling these at the HollyMart Arts and Crafts Show in Daleville, AL at Daleville High School on November 14. Possibly on Etsy, I haven't decided yet. Hope you liked this!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Minimal Cottage Look

I am just loving this minimal cottage look.  The white painted floors and tall white ceiling, plus all of those windows make the room look bright, light and airy.  Such a modern, but homey comfortable look.

Here's an awesome picture I found this past weekend; a pillow stitched with mushrooms all over the cover. Matted and framed too. I have no place to put this pic (yet), but just couldn't pass it up.....a great thrift store find.  It fits in with the minimal cottage look.