Sunday, April 25, 2010

It speaks to me........

Last night while surfing Etsy I found a jewelry shop  For whatever reason, this jewelry really spoke to me......  Much of the jewelry had a religious theme, it had a raw and sort of rustic feel to it. There were some really beautiful semi-precious gems too.  All of it added together was beautiful.  I promised myself that at some point, when I have some more time (haha), I'd get my jewelry supplies back out and start creating.  Here's some of the jewelry from her shop:

Here's some new goodies in my shop:

One big ol' vintage beaker. To be specific, it's 11" tall. Found it at a recent estate sale. See it in my shop

  This cool hippie, boho dress sold within 24 hours, but I thought it was so cute on.  Thought I'd share it.

These cool hippie, suede boots from the 60's will probably be listed tomorrow. I wasn't happy with my first pics of them so I'm going to do them over tomorrow.   Love'em!

1960's hippie, suede mini dress/vest. It's in my shop right now:

Etienne Aigner 1970's classic leather bag.  Check more of it out right here:

Fabulous vintage cowboy boots.  See the other pics because they're actually lots cuter:

Many of these items came from the same estate sale.  It occurred to me as I was doing this blog update that many of the items were leather, suede, hippie.  I didn't do it intentionally, but I'm always drawn to these sort of items.  Maybe in my previous life I was a hippie, flower child or something???????

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pink is Pretty or is it Pretty in Pink?

Just this week I've been a little on a pink binge.....lots of new pink pretties in my shop.

This adorable shabby and chic pink bulletin board. I found it in its natural state (no paint). I did a sweet, distressed and aged paint treatment on it. Ohhh so cute!  Check it out right here:

This beautiful pale pinkish peach 1950's vintage dress.  Embroidered flowers on a sheer fabric with lining underneath.  For some reason I keep on seeing this dress as being so cute to wear to a wedding.  Find more of it right here:

Another pale pink dress, this one is in linen. Really, it's much cuter in real life. The original belt is long gone, but I think I'm gonna look for another one to go on it.  See more of this dress right here:

An adorable late 60's floral dress with pink, orange and purple flowers.  Also comes with a matching belt.  Way cute for the summer.  Purchase it right here in my Etsy shop:

Nubby and soft wool. Too warm for our south Alabama springtime, but so many places where this could be worn almost year round.  Find it in my shop right here:

Adorable fluttering butterflies on green foliage dress.....oh yea, this one recently sold to a lady in England.  Cute dress though....

Such a fabulous carpet bag from the 1960's in pinks, yellows and olive greens.  Check it out at:

And finally, this beautiful 1950's pale pink prom dress. Lovin the amazing crepe adorning this dress.

Hope you have a pretty pink day ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Clothing Museum & Vintage Clothing Fashion Show

I was recently contacted by the area director of the Salvation Army to help with a vintage clothing fashion show. The fashion show is being hosted by the Humane Society, Salvation Army and the local art gallery (The Ann Rudd Art Center). Brenda, the Salvation Army director, said they wanted my ideas. I was flattered and we've already had one meeting.

Speaking about the Ann Rudd Art Center, it's in a fabulous old building in a smaller town not far from where I live. Before it was an art gallery, it was a clothing store from the 1940's to the 1970's. The store closed and all it's contents were left. Including some fabulous clothing, shoes, handbags. The art gallery has kept quite a bit of it and sometimes puts it out for display.  Here's some pics I took late last year:

I especially like this dress............

Fabulous red leather chair in the background.

Amazing vintage shoes.  Including a whole room of them upstairs in the gallery.

Don't forget about the lingerie, they have that too.

Add children's clothes.
Handbags and hats.
Here's a room upstairs packed with shoes and hats..

And here's the art gallery where the fashion show will take place.  A very cool, large room with tin ceilings and fabulous wood floors.

Speaking of the fashion show I'm looking for clothing from the 1920's and 30's, not something I have much of.  I'd like a couple of flapper dresses but can't pay a lot for them.  Even if the shape was just okay.  We've got someone who is willing to help us repair them so that they're in better shape.  The fashion show will be towards the end of June.  I'll definitely have pictures of it.  Oh yea, I'm the narrator for the show too.

Also, I know about vintage clothing and accessories, but haven't done a vintage fashion show before.  I'd love to hear some ideas!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

HELP! for Our Pepto Bismal Pink Bathroom

My family and I live in a house from the 1950s.  Most of the house has had some type of remodeling or updating done to it.  Our poor, ugly bathrooms are the last thing on the list to be done and we plan to start on them in the next couple of weeks.  The main bathroom which is just off the hall will be our first project.  Here it is:

As some people may agree who have been in our house, this is actually a good picture. Some of the tiles are cracked on the walls and the tile on the floor is just gross.  It doesn't matter how much you clean it, it's just gross!

Believe me, I love vintage charm and character but to me this is just an ugly color of pink!

I'm looking for suggestions on what to do to this bathroom. I honestly haven't thought too much about a new paint color or tile design/color, just too many other things on my mind right now.  The bathroom will stay in the same configuration for now, mostly just all that nasty tile will come out and we will install new cabinets where the old ones are.

Have you seen any cool bathrooms lately that really spoke to you?  Anything that you'd like to share that may look good in this one?  I'm all ears.

Here's some other pics of some of the other areas of our house that have been remodeled.

The kitchen was totally gutted and redone by my husband Duane.

The only things done in the dining room were beaded board, chair rail, chandelier and paint.

Living Room.  We just painted in here.

This sort of gives you an idea of our style.  Any ideas of how to remodel the pepto bismal bathroom would be great!

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