Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Fling Sale!

Hope you're October is Awesome!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fraternal Twins

They look similar but not identical. They both are made of a shimmery fabric and have strappy shoulders and exposed backs. They are both from the late 60s and are made by the same company Miss Rita,

This one fit Azurea perfectly!

This one fit pretty well but we thought looked better with a belt.  Take into consideration that Azurea is a pretty tall girl at 5'9" so the hem may or may not hit you where it hit her.

They both would make awesome party dresses for the holidays that will be upon us before you know it!  Wear either of them with a fur coat!

Both of them listed today and tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm in *Love*

These dresses are pure works of art, almost surreal looking. I'm in *Love* with the beauty of them.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Switching Rugs

I've wanted one of those cow hide/skin rugs forever.  The kind that are spread out on living room floors and make the rooms look so high end and Anthropology like.  It occurred to me that my mom had shown one to me but I didn't know what she had done with it.  My luck, she still had it!  Tucked away in an armoire in her house.  She said she hadn't found a place to put it.  Me: mom, can I buy it from you?  Mom: Sure.  My mom visited me this past week and brought it.  Here it is:

Possibly not very practical for a family with young kids.  Hey, I'm not exactly a practical person though.....

I had this rug below in the living room before.  It now lays in my studio.

I honestly enjoy being out here even more.  The rug gave the room a warmer and more home-like feel.

Whatcha think?!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meet Talented Jewelry Artist Cathy Cole

Sometime back, about 6 years (give or take) I was watching the local news about downtown revitalization and what was being done to breathe new life into downtown Dothan, Alabama (yeah it needed it!).  I recall, the same cute and stylish lady being interviewed, Cathy Cole, she was involved in the movement to revitalize Downtown Dothan.  I met her sister Carol a couple of years later and then earlier this year Carol introduced me to her sister Cathy.  And yes, downtown Dothan is looking a whole lot better!

About a month ago a really great new online vintage marketplace opened,  This is one venue where Cathy has opened shop to sell her Cathy Cole Collection.  The jewelry is amazing and it's evident that Cathy has honed her craft for quite some time.  Here's her story.

There is something to be said about a good patina.  I think my life has a wonderful patina filled with the riches of all of the countries I have lived in and explored in my life.  So many people and places have influenced my design career.  My jewelry comes from my soul.  The photo of me as a little girl in Japan wearing a Kimono and Obi, me wearing the Lederhosen in Germany all pull me back to what I love… things from the past.  

I started designing in Germany at the age of eight. I learned to silversmith and cut and polish stones.  I have always loved Vintage jewelry, it speaks to me.  All along my journey as a television and film producer I traveled the world and found wonderful treasures from the past.  I soaked up the beauty of ancient cities, their architecture, their antiquities and I began my journey as a designer.  I would escape the pressures of my job by slipping away to a friend’s house in Idar Oberstein, a small mining village in Germany filled with talented artisans who helped me develop my design concepts.  This experience fueled my passion for gathering antiquities and turning them into wearable art. 

There is something so spectacular about finding an old treasure and incorporating it in one of my designs.  Most recently I have taken a 10,000 Deutch Mark circa 1923 and embedded it in handcrafted Sterling Silver and mounted it on Vintage Copper Chain.  The piece epitomizes my goal as an artist creating a masterpiece with some remnant of history.  

Every design in my collection embodies some vintage elements.  Again it’s the patina, the age, the quality of incorporating things from the past that make my designs desirable and endearing. 

I do my treasure hunting everywhere I travel including my Mother’s house where incredible estate pieces can be uncovered.  My family had a very amazing Antiques business so I was fueled by being surrounded by gems from the past.  

Yes, my life and my designs have an amazing patina.  The Cathy Cole Collection reflects moments from the past and embodies what we should hold precious in the present.

Thanks for the great interview Cathy!  And remember to shop the Cathy Cole Collection and check out the fabulous new online vintage marketplace

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Road Side Pick Ups

The past couple of weeks I've come across a couple of items while going about my day on errands.   I just can't help my self but Stop!

I drove by this chair for a couple of days.  It was sort of hidden behind a bunch of other stuff but the carving on the front got my attention.   I decided it didn't hurt to stop and take a look.  It's a diamond in the rough but was so great!  Beautiful and ornate carving with a lot of nail heads.  I'm calling it my Ralph Lauren chair because I do believe it looks like something out of a Ralph Lauren showroom.  I even like the plaid fabric.  Thing is, unless someone cleaned it so thoroughly and ensured me that it was very clean I just don't think I could sit in it.  My plans are to have a loose cushion on the seat made in a contrasting fabric if I'm able to get it super clean.  Otherwise, I'd have to have it completely reupholstered.  Currently, it's sitting in our garage.

The second item was this piece of cement statuary.  Not exactly my style but I just couldn't pass the dude up.  He was in pretty good condition with some average wear that I feel gave him some character.  He's quite large standing about 3" and sitting in my backyard.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tones of Autumn

It seems recently that I've acquired quite a few items that have those tones that remind you of Autumn. (I call this season Fall).  Many of these items were put in my shop this week.  One of them the necklace will be on the newest site I'm selling on  Look below for specifics of where you can find everything

1950s Salmon Pencil Skirt (Etsy Shop)
1950s 60s Cocktail Dress with Jacket (Etsy Shop)
1950s Rhinestone Necklace and Earrrings to be listed on later today
A super cool chair that I will be blogging about soon!
1960s Mini Dress listed on Etsy today.
1960s Sweater and Skirt Set (Etsy Shop)

I hope these colors inspire you!  Have a great weekend.!