Saturday, October 31, 2009

These Buttons Inspire Me

Just think about the possibilities with these buttons.....the colors and designs have that vintage feel to them.  What would you do with them?

Lovin' This Bedroom

Lovin' this cozy bedroom.......wish they always looked this purdy in real life.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Up for Sale In My Etsy Shop Soon.......Red Leather Late 40's Peep Toe, Sling Back Pumps

I'm just lovin' these red hot, peep toe, sling back leather pumps.  I'd say they're late 40's to early 50's.  Amazing condition for their age, very wearable and very unique!  They fit me perfect and I'm a size 8.  I'd keep them but my lower back doesn't like them.  Oh well.........  They will be in my Etsy shop soon,  The shop is set up but nothing in it yet.  Give me another week and you will begin to see some fabulous vintage for sale!

Meet Talented Artist Tim Richardson of Southeast Alabama.......Check Out His Studio on the Second Floor of this 100 Year Old Building!

I have been trying to think of someone interesting to blog about.  It occurred to me that Tim Richardson not only fits the category of interesting, but he is also a very talented artist.  I met up with him this past Thursday afternoon at the Dowling Museum/Ann Rudd Art Center where he keeps an art studio upstairs.  I not only took pictures of him and his art, but also the second floor of the 100 year old building that houses the art studios.  The first floor contains the museum and art center that I will blog about in another post.

The door on the side of the building that goes up to Tim's art studio.

Above picture:  Looking down the extremely wide upstairs hall.  Here comes Santa Claus!  (A Christmas prop.)  Seriously, it is fascinating going upstairs in this old building.  Leaning against the walls everywhere are paintings, not only by Tim but other local artists.  Many of whom have contributed to the various art exhibits going on through out the year.  Along with the art are the extremely tall ceilings, beautiful old light fixtures, unique antique furniture.  The combination of it all makes me want to take a peek into each room to see what hides behind each door.

There are a couple of other artists who keep a studio upstairs also.  A sneak peek into another studio. 

It's my understanding that the second floor also housed law offices at one time.  It looks like they were thoughtful  enough to leave some furniture for the next owners.  Everything looks untouched.

I was told that this old building was a clothing store during the 50's, 60's and early 70's.  After the store closed a large inventory of clothing and shoes was left behind.  This inventory has literally sat upstairs in this building for around 50 years.  One room contains many of the shoes and some hats left behind.  Every time I peek in this room, I drool.  So many amazing shoes......everywhere......go go boots, platform hippie leather sandals, black patent leather mary janes, red 1950's sling back peep toe pumps, etc., etc.  None of it ever worn, and much of it still in the original boxes!  I asked if they were interested in selling any of this dieing-to-be-worn inventory. Oh no, they aren't letting any of it go.  I'm really not sure what their plans are for it.  Much of this, clothing and shoes, have been displayed downstairs in another little mini museum.  I'll blog about that later.

Here's Tim in his studio with all of his amazing art.  Tim has been painting ever since he can remember.  He is left handed and observed that a great many artists seem to be.  When he was first in school, the teachers kept trying to make him switch to using his right hand.  As a result of that, and having broken his arm during the 3rd grade, he is some what ambidextrous he says.  Tim believes being pushed into a certain amount of ambidexterity may have benefited his artistic ability.

His paintings range widely in subject matter as well as materials that he uses.  Check out his studio and paintings:

Ol' blue eyes Paul Newman ......what a hotty he was.

The original brain himself....Albert Einstein.

Folksy music legend, Janis Joplin.

Black widows fighting.  A sculpture that he did for an exhibit earlier this year.  I'm super glad that these widows aren't that size in real life or we would all be in trouble.

Now why would he want to paint such an average looking woman such as Angelina Jolie? lol!

When I met with Tim, he was dressed in his usual ensemble of a black tshirt and turquoise rings.  I wonder if he wears all those rings to bed at night?

Tim holds art classes for young students on Saturdays from 10am-12pm, they are free.  Adult classes are from 12:30-4pm, free as well.  My daughter Regan and I have went to a couple of the young student classes and they are fun.
The museum and gallery are open on Tuesday and Wednesday 1:30-4:30pm and Saturday 10:00-1:00pm.  They also operate a website that let's everyone know of exhibits planned for the year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Total Kitchen/Dining Rehab for under $3500! How we did it!

About 6 years ago we bought a vintage ranch house outside Dothan, AL.  Just about everything needed to be updated, and the kitchen ranked up there as one of the biggest eyesores.  I didn't even want to cook in it.  But then again, I don't like to cook anyway.  Nothing had been updated from the early 60's including the appliances.  The dining room just needed some paint, a new light fixture, and then we added beaded board and a chair rail.  Oh yes, also some beautiful base molding.

One of the reasons we were able to do this remodel so inexpensively is because we got the cabinets FREE.  Yes free.  My parent's friends who have an absolutely beautiful (high end) house in Tallahassee were remodeling their kitchen.  The cabinets, which were about 4 years old, they didn't want.  Keep in mind that this is a couple in there 60's, no kids, and just a dog, so the cabinets were in excellent condition.  Duane (husband) and my dad went into their kitchen and pulled their cabinets out.  A BIG job.  We had to rent a Uhaul to get the cabinets to our house.

*  The counter tops are large black granite tiles we bought up in Atlanta.  The tile edging was much more  expensive than the tiles.  The counter tops were about $650.  My husband did the installation.
*  The hardwood floors that my husband also installed were about $500.  Most of our house has original hardwood flooring.  For whatever reason, the kitchen and family room did not.  We were able to find the exact same flooring at the Wood Pile in Dothan.  You would never be able to tell that the kitchen wood flooring isn't original.
*  The back splash, white subway tiles, another "do it yourself" was about $150.
*  Stainless steel appliances were all bought reasonably at our favorite appliance location.

I must add that there was a wall in between the kitchen and dining room that we tore down several years back.  It really opened these two rooms up.

Black and white family photos in the dining room.  My mom blew the pics up on a copier and then matted and framed a couple of them each Christmas and gave them to each of us girls as gifts.  Some of my most cherished gifts, ever!

One of my favorite pics ever.  Women in their bathing suits from the 20's (maybe).   The only black and white pic that's not from my mom.  A purchase from TJ Maxx.

Love my mannequins in the dining room.  Some of  my handmade jewelry displayed on them.


The chandelier came from an auction in Tallahassee.  It was in a box with some other vintage items and looked very shabby but definitely not chic.  I believe the whole box was around $7.  I spray painted the chandelier a high gloss black, it was now definitely chic.  The medallion on the ceiling came from a yard sale for around $3.  I painted it with the same high gloss black spray paint.

There are several things that still need to be done in this kitchen and dining room, I mostly feel the need to put window treatments in the kitchen and to change what's in the dining room.   There's always something else to do.......  Hope you liked looking at the remodel.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Turn of the Century Clothing!!! Find out Where I Find Fabulous Vintage Stuff! Get Tips for Thrifting!

A beautiful 1900's jacket...great colors. In the same box is the amazing skirt. How often do you see this type of clothing in this type of condition? Pretty cool! And, yes, it's for sale.

One of my favorite places to find cool stuff, i.e., vintage clothing, vintage buttons, cool furniture (such as the sideboard I wrote about earlier), I could go on and on, is the Salvation Army in Ozark, AL. Just 10 minutes from my house.

The SA had an amazing donation of a storage unit packed full of fabulous estate quality items. I took pics of some of the stuff on a recent stop I made with my girls.

Another fabulous jacket. I didn't pull it all the way out of the box because it was quite fragile. Amazing detail! Also in the box was the skirt and an umbrella.

My daughter Regan in a vintage hat and the cape that went with the black jacket.

More fabulous stuff from the estate........

And more in the showcase.......

Say Cheese! Brenda, the manager and Corey an employee.....super nice people.

Some of my recent purchases from the SA that were from the estate.......

I drooled over this 1920's indian ethnic trim, about 2 yards. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but I LOVE it! Betcha won't find this in Hancock Fabrics.

This rhinestone shoe clip that I glued a bail to and then threaded with black made such a purdy necklace. I wore it to church today and got lots of compliments. It'll be for sale at the next show that I do.

And last, but definitely not least.....
This fabulous art deco bakelite button that I strung onto a thin chain. The button has a gorgeous amber tortoise shell look that I was unable to capture in the pic. So, so pretty in real life ;}

Some tips for junking in thrift shops:
Go often. I used to go like, um, about every day. Yeah, I know silly, but that's how you get the good stuff. I don't go as much as I used to, a little baby sure can slow you down.
Get to know the employees. I've noticed in some shops, they're really nice and in others not so much. In the SA they're nice.
You sort of have to pick through things. This takes patience and I like doing it. Many people I know don't. To me, it's an adventure and exciting; that's how you find the treasure.
If there's something specific you're looking for, let the manager or an employee know. Sometimes things are hidden or haven't been brought out yet.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Recycle Those Buttons - - - Cool Vintage Rings!!!

Do you have a pile of buttons somewhere that you have no idea what to do with? Or a love for vintage buttons? These unique vintage buttons have been made into rings. In some cases the buttons have been stacked as much as 3 at a time. You will need a blank ring, epoxy glue, a small container of sand or some type of small granuled substance and, of course, the buttons. I ordered a package of 35 blank rings from a shop off were no where to be found in Michaels. Make sure you buy epoxy glue, it works the best. It can be found at your local craft or hardware store. Dab the glue to the base of the button and to the blank circle at the top of the ring and position the button as you would like it to appear when you wear it. Turn the ring upside down and place it level in the sand so that the glue will dry and the ring will keep the same position. The glue will set after 5 minutes. Let it dry for 24 hours. That's it! You have your awesomely unique ring. *Note: You may have to take a pair of pliars and pull off the "eye" on the back of the button so that it is level. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

***My rings (and other stuff) will be sold at the Hollyday Mart Arts & Crafts show sponsored by the Ft. Rucker Community Spouses Club. It will be at Daleville High School, November 14 from 9am-5pm. I attended this show last year and it was interesting, you should come and take a look.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rehab of Vintage Sideboard

Many of my friends have already seen this sideboard, but for those of you who haven't, I have decided to share it again. Just because I love it so much. I found it at my favorite local thrift shop. The friendly manager there usually gives me a great deal, and this time was no exception. I wish very much that I had a before picture of this, but I don't, so just imagine the transformation. It is very solid and well made, dovetailed drawers, solid wood (no particle board), etc. The only issue with this piece is that it was quite scratched up. That's why I decided on a paint with a satin finish. The middle panel was done with a stencil that I cut out. The sideboard sits prominently in my living room and gives it lots of style. Lots of style for an inexpensive price, just what I like!