Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Talented Artist Tim Richardson of Southeast Alabama.......Check Out His Studio on the Second Floor of this 100 Year Old Building!

I have been trying to think of someone interesting to blog about.  It occurred to me that Tim Richardson not only fits the category of interesting, but he is also a very talented artist.  I met up with him this past Thursday afternoon at the Dowling Museum/Ann Rudd Art Center where he keeps an art studio upstairs.  I not only took pictures of him and his art, but also the second floor of the 100 year old building that houses the art studios.  The first floor contains the museum and art center that I will blog about in another post.

The door on the side of the building that goes up to Tim's art studio.

Above picture:  Looking down the extremely wide upstairs hall.  Here comes Santa Claus!  (A Christmas prop.)  Seriously, it is fascinating going upstairs in this old building.  Leaning against the walls everywhere are paintings, not only by Tim but other local artists.  Many of whom have contributed to the various art exhibits going on through out the year.  Along with the art are the extremely tall ceilings, beautiful old light fixtures, unique antique furniture.  The combination of it all makes me want to take a peek into each room to see what hides behind each door.

There are a couple of other artists who keep a studio upstairs also.  A sneak peek into another studio. 

It's my understanding that the second floor also housed law offices at one time.  It looks like they were thoughtful  enough to leave some furniture for the next owners.  Everything looks untouched.

I was told that this old building was a clothing store during the 50's, 60's and early 70's.  After the store closed a large inventory of clothing and shoes was left behind.  This inventory has literally sat upstairs in this building for around 50 years.  One room contains many of the shoes and some hats left behind.  Every time I peek in this room, I drool.  So many amazing shoes......everywhere......go go boots, platform hippie leather sandals, black patent leather mary janes, red 1950's sling back peep toe pumps, etc., etc.  None of it ever worn, and much of it still in the original boxes!  I asked if they were interested in selling any of this dieing-to-be-worn inventory. Oh no, they aren't letting any of it go.  I'm really not sure what their plans are for it.  Much of this, clothing and shoes, have been displayed downstairs in another little mini museum.  I'll blog about that later.

Here's Tim in his studio with all of his amazing art.  Tim has been painting ever since he can remember.  He is left handed and observed that a great many artists seem to be.  When he was first in school, the teachers kept trying to make him switch to using his right hand.  As a result of that, and having broken his arm during the 3rd grade, he is some what ambidextrous he says.  Tim believes being pushed into a certain amount of ambidexterity may have benefited his artistic ability.

His paintings range widely in subject matter as well as materials that he uses.  Check out his studio and paintings:

Ol' blue eyes Paul Newman ......what a hotty he was.

The original brain himself....Albert Einstein.

Folksy music legend, Janis Joplin.

Black widows fighting.  A sculpture that he did for an exhibit earlier this year.  I'm super glad that these widows aren't that size in real life or we would all be in trouble.

Now why would he want to paint such an average looking woman such as Angelina Jolie? lol!

When I met with Tim, he was dressed in his usual ensemble of a black tshirt and turquoise rings.  I wonder if he wears all those rings to bed at night?

Tim holds art classes for young students on Saturdays from 10am-12pm, they are free.  Adult classes are from 12:30-4pm, free as well.  My daughter Regan and I have went to a couple of the young student classes and they are fun.
The museum and gallery are open on Tuesday and Wednesday 1:30-4:30pm and Saturday 10:00-1:00pm.  They also operate a website that let's everyone know of exhibits planned for the year.


  1. Kim, It is awesome that you would choose Tm for a subject on your Design Buzz! He's been my favorite Artist here since I got here. KAT

  2. Nice job on this post. I went to school with Tim. I also remember shopping in this store when it was open, I was very young then....and what I remember the most were the shoes....Your shots brought back lots of memories. I did not realize this inventory was still in the building! Annn Rudd is the owner/cordinator of this building/art center now and I have known her for years...she was my Brownie leader when I was in elementary school..LOL!