Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rehab of Vintage Sideboard

Many of my friends have already seen this sideboard, but for those of you who haven't, I have decided to share it again. Just because I love it so much. I found it at my favorite local thrift shop. The friendly manager there usually gives me a great deal, and this time was no exception. I wish very much that I had a before picture of this, but I don't, so just imagine the transformation. It is very solid and well made, dovetailed drawers, solid wood (no particle board), etc. The only issue with this piece is that it was quite scratched up. That's why I decided on a paint with a satin finish. The middle panel was done with a stencil that I cut out. The sideboard sits prominently in my living room and gives it lots of style. Lots of style for an inexpensive price, just what I like!


  1. I love your profile picture. It's so Kim. I would love to find a solid wood piece with dovetailed drawers. Your style reminds me a lot of my sister's. I'm impressed. Keep posting. p.s. If you need any help with backgrounds or custom headers for your blog, I'd love to help.