Friday, September 7, 2012

My Road Side Pick Ups

The past couple of weeks I've come across a couple of items while going about my day on errands.   I just can't help my self but Stop!

I drove by this chair for a couple of days.  It was sort of hidden behind a bunch of other stuff but the carving on the front got my attention.   I decided it didn't hurt to stop and take a look.  It's a diamond in the rough but was so great!  Beautiful and ornate carving with a lot of nail heads.  I'm calling it my Ralph Lauren chair because I do believe it looks like something out of a Ralph Lauren showroom.  I even like the plaid fabric.  Thing is, unless someone cleaned it so thoroughly and ensured me that it was very clean I just don't think I could sit in it.  My plans are to have a loose cushion on the seat made in a contrasting fabric if I'm able to get it super clean.  Otherwise, I'd have to have it completely reupholstered.  Currently, it's sitting in our garage.

The second item was this piece of cement statuary.  Not exactly my style but I just couldn't pass the dude up.  He was in pretty good condition with some average wear that I feel gave him some character.  He's quite large standing about 3" and sitting in my backyard.

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