Sunday, September 23, 2012

Switching Rugs

I've wanted one of those cow hide/skin rugs forever.  The kind that are spread out on living room floors and make the rooms look so high end and Anthropology like.  It occurred to me that my mom had shown one to me but I didn't know what she had done with it.  My luck, she still had it!  Tucked away in an armoire in her house.  She said she hadn't found a place to put it.  Me: mom, can I buy it from you?  Mom: Sure.  My mom visited me this past week and brought it.  Here it is:

Possibly not very practical for a family with young kids.  Hey, I'm not exactly a practical person though.....

I had this rug below in the living room before.  It now lays in my studio.

I honestly enjoy being out here even more.  The rug gave the room a warmer and more home-like feel.

Whatcha think?!