Thursday, April 1, 2010

HELP! for Our Pepto Bismal Pink Bathroom

My family and I live in a house from the 1950s.  Most of the house has had some type of remodeling or updating done to it.  Our poor, ugly bathrooms are the last thing on the list to be done and we plan to start on them in the next couple of weeks.  The main bathroom which is just off the hall will be our first project.  Here it is:

As some people may agree who have been in our house, this is actually a good picture. Some of the tiles are cracked on the walls and the tile on the floor is just gross.  It doesn't matter how much you clean it, it's just gross!

Believe me, I love vintage charm and character but to me this is just an ugly color of pink!

I'm looking for suggestions on what to do to this bathroom. I honestly haven't thought too much about a new paint color or tile design/color, just too many other things on my mind right now.  The bathroom will stay in the same configuration for now, mostly just all that nasty tile will come out and we will install new cabinets where the old ones are.

Have you seen any cool bathrooms lately that really spoke to you?  Anything that you'd like to share that may look good in this one?  I'm all ears.

Here's some other pics of some of the other areas of our house that have been remodeled.

The kitchen was totally gutted and redone by my husband Duane.

The only things done in the dining room were beaded board, chair rail, chandelier and paint.

Living Room.  We just painted in here.

This sort of gives you an idea of our style.  Any ideas of how to remodel the pepto bismal bathroom would be great!


  1. Ooooo Monique, you gotta see it in real life. It's not great :)

  2. The wide arched doorways are beautiful. It's very spacious, I can see why you went ahead and bought it despite the pink bathroom. It's a wonderful house. Katrina

  3. Hey, I like this kind of re-working your space. Why don't you replace the floor tile with either a larger 12 x 12 size or the black and white vintage looking tiles that come pre-mounted on the mesh in a 12 x 12 sheet...,then replace the tile on the walls with beaded board paneling like your dining room with a small 2 x 2 strip (shelf) to cap it off. Then, replace your sink with a small vintage chest that has been "fitted" with a sink-that way, you would have additional storage underneath. And, re-do the cabinets with door storage below and open cubbies with basket at the top. Then add a roman shade (call me, I can help) at the window, or a bamboo shade. And, add a new longer shower curtain and hang with drapery hardware and rings-(call me-I can help with this, too)...and if you need help with the tile or cabinet or sink-call me-my husband has done some bath re-do's in the Dothan area.

  4. thank you cottage and cabin......I have a visual in my head of what you described. I have also been looking for roman shades (have had a hard time finding any in Dothan area at a reasonable price). I will keep you in mind and thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it :)

    Thanks Katrina! The house has some nice features that I just couldn't overlook.

  5. At first glance, the bathroom does have charm, but I bet that pink gets old. Have you thought about a different paint color on the walls to detract? Painting the tile or ripping it out would be huge projects. I wonder how brown would look in there. p.s. Didn't get a chance to tell you that I loved your dress today.

  6. Thanks for the input Christina. We are ripping the tile out on the walls and the floor. Duane is really good at that sort of thing. You should have seen the kitchen before it was eyesore. Thanks for the dress compliment (actually a thrift sore find)