Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Going to NYC!!!

I have wanted to visit New York City for quite a few years.  For one reason or another I've never been able to make it up there.  Most of the people I'm around have no desire to visit this city or they've already "been there don't that".  Furthermore, NYC is expensive.  Funny thing, I've been to the state of New York a couple of times and up in the northeast U.S. a bit.  Just not NYC.  Usually, when there's something I really want I find a way to get it. 

I have a friend, Sharon Baker.  Her daughter Suzy moved there earlier this year after graduating from Paul Mitchell cosmetology school in Utah. Suzy decided to live her 20's to the fullest and move to NYC.  She is learning from the best as an apprentice in a Manhattan salon. She is a cool (but mature, I think) 20 year old chick.  I've always enjoyed talking to her whenever I'm over visiting her mom.  Suzy has mentioned more than once that I should come up and visit and I'm more than welcome to stay at her place.  I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me by.

Of course I wanted to find someone to go with me.  My husband Duane just wasn't interested in taking a trip up there.  It's a little difficult for him to get off work and also, finding somewhere for the kiddos to stay is another issue.  At first, my friend Becky was going to come with me.  She had to back out.  I called my sister's Tiffany and Courtney.  They were both very interested in going since neither of them have been to NYC.  Tiffany made it happen and got her ticket.  It just wasn't gonna happen for Court.  We'll miss our sis and wish she could've been with us.

Tiff and me will be meeting up in NYC after we get off our planes this Friday and will be there until Tuesday.  Hope we have a great time, that we are safe and that our families stay safe.

Check back next week with pics from our trip.  I will then be blogging about Simply Unique.  A wonderful fabric store and studio in Ozark, AL.


  1. Simply unique huh? I'm all about fabric tell me more! KAT

  2. You will certainly have an amazing time!