Friday, November 6, 2009

The Place to Buy Vintage Clothing in Southeast Alabama

One of my favorite locations for purchasing vintage happens to be at Bo and Annice's shop in the Old South Antique Mall.  I've meant some super people since moving to Dothan from Tallahassee almost 7 years ago, Bo and Annice rank right up there as some of the nicest.  I became acquainted with them after opening my own shop in the Highland's Antique Mall where I also sold vintage clothing.  We would visit each other's shops and admire each other's clothing.

Bo and Annice have been selling vintage together for almost 9 years in Old South.  They told me that the two of them selling together has worked out well; they each have different styles of vintage that they prefer and this keeps a good variety of clothing in their shop.  Annice's favorite styles are 50's and 60's prom dresses and simple vintage cotton dresses from the same eras.  She doesn't pay attention to the brand or designer.  On the other hand, Bo likes higher end couture fashion.  She tends to pay a little more attention to the labels.

As you can see, their place is interesting.  They carry vintage hats, luggage, ties, lingerie, shoes, gloves....... should I go on?  Pretty much everything vintage that goes on the bod.  My favorite vintage are the chic 50's and 60's fitted dresses, they carry those too.  You will also find funky 60's/70's bell bottoms and maxi dresses along with those fabulous vintage coats that don't get much wear in good ol' LA (lower Alabama).  I must add that their prices are extremely reasonable.

Bo and Annice both declined to be in the picture since they didn't know I was coming and didn't feel prepared.  I decided to jump in.  Check out some of those cool vintage stiletto heels!

Funny, this coat looked so familiar to me.  It then occurred to me that I once owned this coat.  I got tired of it after while, put it in my shop and then Bo bought it.  She wore it for a while and now has it in her shop.  Lovin' that fab leopard trim!

On the particular day that I visited, I bought this adorable mid 60's chartreuse dress.  I love the cut out collar and bow in the same color.  This dress will be sold in my etsy shop at soon.  It's in mint condition and a modern size 5-6.

They also have children's vintage in the armoire on the right side of the photo.


Check out those funky vintage ties!

The key to wearing vintage is to pick out one vintage item to wear, but don't wear vintage from head to toe unless your going to a costume party.  If you do, it tends to make you look dated.  For instance, wear a vintage dress, but then wear modern shoes, jewelry, etc.  Or, wear vintage shoes, but make the rest of the outfit up to date.

For one of a kind vintage fashion, Bo and Annice's place is definitely worth checking out.  Remember, they're in the Old South Antique Mall, Dothan, AL, 1861 Reeves St.,  794-7568.


  1. Sounds like a fun shop. I like your new design.

  2. thanks frecklesgirl, I like the blog design for now. There are things I would change but now sure how. I'll just be content for a while.

  3. That shop would be heaven for my wife. She just loves vintage fashion so much. In fact, her sense of style has started a trend among her colleagues. She just came to her office in vintage clothes and Vivica Fox wigs one day, and after that, her colleagues followed. That's what has set her apart from the other girls I've dated, and that's why I ended up with her. Lucky me, right? He he! Btw, I love the retro orange tie!