Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Really Wanted to Show Y'all Some Pics This Evening.......

but my camera is recharging and will be the rest of the evening.  I had my first experience selling my polymer clay jewelry, vintage button rings and upcycled vintage bags yesterday at the Merry Mart Arts/Crafts Show.  I did well for my first time.  I've got a little bit better idea of what people are looking for and how I will set up for next time.  I enjoyed meeting some of the other vendors there who were so talented and had such great taste in the creations that they made.  I'll share some pics from my choice of the most talented.  Now, don't think that I didn't think other people were talented, because they were.  I really just liked a couple of creations from 2 different booths.   Check back tomorrow evening.  Meanwhile, I've got to begin packing for NYC!

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