Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Artists from the MerryMart Art/Crafts Show I Liked!

The first was the Petal Sisters.  I met Becky, one of the sisters.  She made purses, wallets and aprons from a combination of different fabrics.  I've seen lots of people making purses from funky vintage inspired fabrics but the designs of Becky's with the addition of military style fabric was unique.  In addition, the shapes and designs of her purses were more unique than most I see.  The quality was also very good. I liked the way Becky marketed her's with super cool tags and business cards.

You know she had to have spent a lot of time on the purse below.
Love the red vintage door in her booth.
To look at more of Becky's creations, go to

The second was Hues Jewelry with Kristen Hughes.  Her designs had an understated, earthy quality to them.  The semi precious stones and chain she used were impressive.  They weren't the normal trendy jewelry that are easy to pinpoint to this day and time.  They had a timeless look that only a real artists could have created. And again, I liked the way she displayed her items, the tags and packaging were nice too.  Well thought out.

I liked this necklace.

On this day my mom bought the longer necklace on the green display for me for Christmas.  We were lucky to do it with a little bartering (one of my mom's gorgeous children's dresses that Kristen wanted for a friend) and a little cash.  My photos really don't do the jewelry justice.

Some cool bracelets......

....and earrings.

Kristen can be found at  In addition, she keeps a shop named hues at 131 S. Woodburn Dr., Dothan, AL.  Her boyfriend , Jeremy Hester, is a stained glass artists who keeps a shop at the same location.

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  1. Found your blog through Paula's Simply Unique newsletter. I live in Ozark... I was also the vendor right next to Becky's booth and the one behind Hues Jewelry! Small world! I have just posted pix from that day on my blog. I also did a feature on Paula's shop back some time ago!
    Nice to meet you!