Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Designer Fabric Haven: Simply Unique in Ozark, AL

One of my favorite places to shop for fabric in southeast Alabama is Simply Unique a shop in the back of Bill's Hardware in Ozark, AL.  It is owned by Paula Carroll, super talented and friendly.  Actually, Simply Unique is one of my all time favorite places, ever, to shop for fabric.  I had to think about why I feel this way.  Paula's choices of fabrics that she carries has a funky, retro vibe to them.  Her shop has been creatively decorated with antique displays that enhance the creative feel of the shop.  And the fabrics aren't formal and stuffy, just fun.

Here's the entrance to Paula's shop, come take a peek.  It takes up a large portion in the back right corner of the hardware store.

One view of Paula's shop. Wow, look at all the fabric!

I am lovin' the wonderful designs and colors of these Michael Miller fabrics.

She also carries Amy Butler and Heather Bailey as shown above.

More of Amy personal favorite fabric designer before I even knew about Paula's shop.

And another fabric display.  I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember which designer this is.

One of her gorgeous pieces of antique furniture used to display threads.

Another very cool display.  What a great idea!

Another wall with buttons, batiste and some patterns

One more wall.  Paul collects those cute little mannequins.

You just saw some of the main fabric area.  In addition to this area, she also has a workshop where various sewing classes are held.

I've always admired this fabulously distressed antique sideboard she uses as a counter top and for storage.

Such an adorable chair that Paula reupholstered using Amy Butler fabric.

Paula carries the fabric designers listed below:
**Michael Miller fabrics by: Sandi Henderson, Paula Prass, Patty Young, Laura Gunn and even a couple more.
**Moda fabrics by: Tula Pink, Lila Tueller, Fig Tree and more.
**Westminster fabrics by: Amy Butler and Heather Bailey and even some more.
**She also carries the Fabric Finders brand.
In addition to these fabrics she carries broadcloth, batiste, laces, and patterns.

I personally am not much of a seamstress, but I use most of these fabrics for window coverings, upholstering, decorating, etc.

Simply Unique is located in downtown Ozark at 203 Wilkins St.  Sort of behind CVS pharmacy in Bill's Hardware.  I must add that Bill's hardware is owned by Paula's husband.

If you are in the area, this shop is worth a look!


  1. My mom just saw this post and is now very annoyed that I didn't take her to this fabric store. (Note: you have a reader in Idaho.) I love those Michael Miller fabrics. I think they would make an excellent covering for a canvas.

  2. Too funny you say they would make an excellent convering for canvases. That's exactly what I did in 2 places in my house.