Monday, December 7, 2009

Amy Butler Canvas Coverings

My friend Christina Barrington mentioned how the fabrics from my last post would be great canvas coverings. Great minds think alike. That's exactly what I have done in two places in my own house. Here they are:

This canvas is in our family room. I did this huge 5 feet wide canvas for $13, and that's including the price of the fabric. I found a very ugly, but well stretched painting on canvas at a thrift store for $1. The fabric was around $12. A chic and cheap piece of art. One of my display mannequins for my vintage clothing shop on the side.

I did the same thing in my daughter Regan's room. I took her to Simply Unique and let her pick out the fabric. The only rule was that it kind of had to go along with the other colors in her room. This is what she chose. I think it turned out just great, and it was chic and cheap.

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  1. So now I guess I know whose been taking the canvases from local thrift stores.