Monday, December 14, 2009

Etsy and other stuff.......

So here are the latest items in my Etsy shop:

1920's Velvet Jacket with Fabulous Metal Hardware


1980's Nautical dress with anchor embroidered on the front.

Fabulous 1970's Tooled Leather Bag

Vintage carry case with my handpainted artwork and polymer clay bird nest attached to the handle.

1970's burgundy red dress with rouched sleeves.

1960's Levi jacket with the big "E".

Suede coat with mink collar

1970s Mexican top.

I must say that my sales started out really well on Etsy.  They've sort of slowed down.......not sure why other than people are looking for "gifty" things.  Mine aren't really gifty, but more for the vintage clothing lover hoping to buy for themselves.  I'm still trying to figure out how to market my items.  Any suggestions would be very helpful since I'm sort of discouraged at the moment.  I'm not giving up.  I've given myself a certain amount of time to see if Etsy will work for me.  If it works then Fabulous, if not, then thank goodness I don't depend on my Etsy sales to pay the mortgage.....that's all I have to say!  Now I gotta start packing for the Wyoming trip.


  1. I love the picture of you! So Kim! I think the key is to post new things every few days instead of all at once. When you search for an item the newest one added comes up first. Most people dont want to look through 2,000 pages of things, so if yours is last you're out of luck. Have a great (and safe) trip. Who knows, maybe you'll find some great vintage clothes in Wyoming.

  2. Thanks Christina for the compliment on the pic. I thought it was decent or else I wouldn't have posted it. I try to list a couple of things each day so that my store comes up often. I've got some other ideas for marketing/advertising. A new good challenge for me.
    You have a great Christmas and don't get too homesick!

  3. I am Christina's mom and that coat is just like one my mom had. My dad bought it for her and I think it was quite spendy. My mom looked great in it. For more vintage 70's clothes, visit me.