Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Newest Items For Sale and other Stuff......

So, um......I've been gone a while.  I hope everyone's holidays were fabulous!  I was in Wyoming along with my husband Duane and 2 girls.  We drove out there in our "not the image I want" Dodge Grand Caravan.  I must admit that the van sure did make traveling a lot more comfortable.  The only thing that wasn't comfortable was traveling with a 15 month old........never again on a trip that long!  Love her to death, but man was that a challenge.  We were gone a bit more than 2 weeks and I'm super happy to be home and on a bit more of a normal schedule.  I've got lots of pictures from the trip.  I'll share those later.  Meanwhile, here's some of my newest items for sale in sassysistervintage.etsy.com:

Vintage Leather Swiss Army Pouch

Adorable 1960's, 70's Mini Dress

Amazing glass beaded turn-of-the-century bag.....mint condition!

Vintage Cable Knitted Yellow Sweater

Authentic Snake Skin Belt

Like I said earlier, I've got lots of things to talk about, so check back soon.  I'll show you pics from the trip and blog about a fabulous vintage clothing store in Salt Lake City....Decades Vintage.

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