Saturday, January 23, 2010


This will be my first post of several about collections.  Is there anything that you collect?  I started to think about the collections that I have and realized that I've collected A LOT of stuff!   But the "stuff" I've collected isn't just any ol' junk.  At least not to me.   It's mostly things I thought would look cool in my house in groupings.  When you group like items together it makes much more of a punch than just some random item sitting there all alone.  I'm gonna let everyone see some of my collections this coming week.  Promise, I'm gonna get back on this blog and start puttin out some cool stuff.

This past week I found the most adorable 6 piece set of vintage stitched floral pictures.  At first, I thought I should keep them because I have 2 different walls in my house where they would go along with the collections of floral/botanical pictures.  But, on second thought, I decided to offer them in my shop so that someone else could start their own collection.

They sort of have a shabby chicish vibe goin' on.  They could look fuddy duddy, like something from grandma's house, but I see them going with a mix of newer modern looking botanical or floral prints to balance them out.  Everyone will be asking "where did you get  those"?  You say, of course ;). The six pictures are being offered at $30 in my shop.

Stay tuned for lots of pics of my own collections.  I think you'll enjoy looking at them.

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