Friday, November 2, 2012

My Parent's House: Things I Like

My mom and dad live about 2 1/2 hours from us.  We see them about once a month.  More often we're at their house and sometimes they come to ours.  They live outside of Tallahassee, FL in a home on 40 acres that they designed and did a great deal of the work on themselves.  They are hands on people, both visionaries when making something out of nothing and they love to entertain. They were also antique dealers for about 10 years so they have some very cool collections.  They love to travel too. Here are some cool things at their place

There's a pond in front of their house with an island in the middle.  The pond is actually a spring and has also been stocked with fish.  My dad dug this pond after they built the house.

My dad built this tree house for the grand kids.  It is a small replica of the big house.

A big porch on the front of their house.

My mom has some very cool rocks and semi precious stones that she's collected from all over the world.

The coolest fish fossil found on a dig in Wyoming this past summer.  I was with them when they dug it up.  This fossil is thousands of years old.

This is looking up in the middle of their living room.  Lots of big open space.

My mom's bird cage collection on top of an armoire.  Believe me, she's got more.

A matted and framed 1935 pic of my grandfather (mom's dad) on the far right.  He died in WWII so I never knew him, neither did my mom.

\My mom's dice collection in the guest bathroom.

My mom's clock collection.  

My dad built in antique stained glass through out several locations in the house.  It looks beautiful.

A mirror collection in their master bath above the sinks.  Which one should they look in?

A vintage sideboard with sinks installed in their master bath.

Stained glass in the master bath.

The most adorable vintage lamp my mom won at an auction.  I call it when she doesn't want it anymore!

A large antique door with stained glass that they installed in their kitchen that goes into the pantry.

Thanks for looking!

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