Friday, November 16, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

About a month ago I went to an estate sale in the neighboring town just around 3 miles from our house.  The sale advertised lots of vintage clothing.  My goal was to get the clothing.  I got to the sale about 20 minutes before it started and looked around to see if I had any competition.  None.  There's a certain look to people that buy vintage clothing.  None of them had that look...... my luck.  They let us in at 8am sharp and I walked right over to the closet of 1940s dresses and pulled out about 25 of them.  The lady who wore them was plus sized so all the dresses were in this category.  A rarity for women of this time. Many of these dresses have already sold but I've still got some in the shop and some I haven't put in yet.  Plus I added one other beautiful 40s dress that I finally got around to putting in the shop.  All of the descriptions are linked.

Black Crepe Cut Out be listed soon!

This one just Sold.  It was a beauty though.

I thought I had more of them available to show you.  I suppose I better get busy cleaning and photographing!

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