Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Opening My Doors!

So, it occurred to me today that I have so much vintage that I should open my studio up once a month to the public and let the local folk come in and shop.  I'd look around and find some very inexpensive (if not Free) advertising to let my little studio be known.  There are literally 100's of pieces of clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc. not even in my Etsy shop that I would love to pass on to another vintage lover.  My prices will be more comparable to what a local shop in the area would be (if you want to know what this means, just ask.)   I'm thinking the first Saturday of each month would be good.  The first opening will probably be in September. We'll see though.

Here's one shop that's super gorgeous and inspired me, although I think mine wouldn't be this organized, more crowded and probably a bit funkier.  It's gonna be so cool that South Alabama won't know what to make of it!

Check this one out!

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