Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Lifestyle Video and Photo Shoot!

Our last photo shoot consisted of not only taking pictures but we actually had a video team come along with us! Yep, Sassy Sister Vintage is going to be in a lifestyle video for the best new vintage marketplace coming soon: You must check this new site out as I do believe their concept is totally different than anything else I've seen online. Here's what they say:

 "We focus on building relationships and shaping a fresh way to buy vintage online. Our marketplace is interactive, featuring exciting and creative lifestyle videos about our Stylemakers. We also provide fresh editorial on home decor, vintage fashion, classic cars and historic homes with inspiring tips and advice that informs our customers.

At Second Shout Out we’re inspired by Style, Adventure and Music to create a Vintage Lifestyle Destination with a cool vibe for all ages! Our focus is to build brands with our sellers and build relationships with our customers."

 Enjoy not only checking out their new site that will be coming soon but some of the photos from the last shoot. They were all taken in the top story of a 100 year old building that is now an art gallery. The pictures were taken by Jess Schell of Modus Photography and the models were Piper Williams, Logan Steel, and Anna Darley. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that SassySisterVintage will be selling on this new site as well. I'll let you know when they're up!

There are more pics so stay tuned!

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