Sunday, April 29, 2012

Abandoned Building Photo Shoot

There is an abandoned and extremely worn out building about 2 miles from my house that I've been wanting to check out for years now.  I finally had my chance on Thursday with another photo shoot for SassySisterVintage clothing.   I have such willing and talented participants, from the photography by Jess Schell of Schell Photography to my beautiful (and fun) models, Piper Williams and Heather Snyder.  Everyone is such a joy to work with!

The building had the best peeled paint walls and vines running through the interior of it.  Not to mention the far out graffiti on the walls and partially caved in ceilings!  Here's a sneak peek of the pics to come: 

Model: Heather Snyder in a 40s 50s light blue dress with pretty scalloped collar.

Model: Piper Williams wearing a 2 piece 1950s lingerie set.  We brought this beat up chair from my studio.  I do have intentions of getting it recovered some day.

Check back in the next couple of days for lots of really great pics from this cool old building with really cool old clothes!

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