Sunday, January 1, 2012

Butterflies on the Wall

When I was a young girl, around 6 or 7, my mom, 2 sisters and me started a butterfly collection.  The real kind of butterflies that you caught with a net.  My mom knew the process of catching them, mounting them, putting them in a shadow box, etc.  I remember her doing this and was just mildly interested at the time.  Although I did think the butterflies (and moths) were beautiful I just didn't care that much then.

Jump forward many, many years.  Everytime I see a mounted butterfly collection or for that matter, any type of insect collection I think with fond memories of my childhood.  Not only that, but I love them.  I've decided to start my own.  It's slow going with the collection but with time I plan to have a large one.

Here's my wall at night with the starting of the collection in my living room.  Along with the collection, I've left my vintage botanical pictures up.  Since I'm tired of those, they'll come down as I get more butterflies, moths and maybe some insects.

Lastnight.  It looked so pretty with the lamps on.

This morning.

I know the collection is small, but with time it'll get bigger.

Here's my inspiration wall taken from

So, I'll update you in the next 6 months on my butterfly/insect wall.  Hopefully, I'll have lots more to show you.

****With all this being said.  I know that there are many of you out there who consider collections such as these to be animal cruelty.  I personally don't like to kill these little creatures but, for whatever reason, don't have a problem buying these insects mounted.  Go figure........


  1. Hi Kim - I dig your sense of style. I also have an affection for natural history decor, and have a collection of insects from various places. Recently I've been more into photographing them however, as I was beginning to feel bad about collecting and killing the wee-beasties if they weren't going to a museum where they would have some scientific value. Only my opinion of course, however just want to say that it is still important to collect specimens for science, but when it comes to collecting for art or for hobby I would exercise caution and stick only with pest species or non/native species. Having said all that - I love your work.

  2. Thanks Cory. I respect your opinion and *knew* that I would hear something about this. I personally don't like to kill them because I do feel bad, but can't help myself when I see these in a collection. I think they're beautiful. It's sort of a love/hate situation.

  3. Who am I kidding? - my all time favorite activity is collecting, sorting, and pinning/mounting insects! If I look deep inside myself, the real reason I have moved more towards photography is simply that I don't have any place to keep an insect collection.

    Anyway, check out this link - there are a lot of folks out there doing some cool science art.

    Also, I can send you 5 or 6 good sized metallic green scarab beetles if you want to create some art. Protaetia pryeri. I collected a bunch at Naval Station Guam, where they are non-native and are considered a pest and invasive species.

    Just message me on FB an address to send them to.