Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mod Mori and More

I was lucky to find this 1970s mod, abstract print dress a month or so ago while on one of my monthly trips to Florida.  At first I just thought it to be a really great 70s dress with a Pucci vibe.  I came to find out that it was a bit more valuable than that.  It's by one of the most famous Japanese fashion designers of the 20th century, Hanae Mori.

It's still available for purchase right here:

Hanae Mori, who was born in Japan, married the son of a textile manufacturer, and studied fashion design. Mori became a costume designer for Japanese movie directors, including Akira Kurosawa. Mori was inspired by a chance meeting with Coco Chanel to undertake further design training. Mori first showed her collection in New York in 1965, and moved her design house to Paris in 1975. She became the only Asian designer admitted to the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.  Mori retired in 2004 after over 50 years of work in fashion, and her design house ceased to make haute couture.

I also found these other 2 similar dresses at the same time as the Hanae Mori one.  All of them coming from the same estate of a woman who lived just outside of Tallahassee.  She had not only great taste but high end taste!

One is this sweet mod 70s dress that was sold to a girl in Spain.

The next one was this highly collectible Paganne dress.
This one is still available right here:

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!


  1. loooooooooove these kind of prints! great finds. I need to start going to more estate sales I think.

  2. Thanks Jessica! They are great prints for sure ;-)