Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Beauty of Burlap: A Sofa Update

Thursday's the Day!  The day I go and pick up my 1920s sofa that has been rehabbed/reupholstered.   If you check back in some of my later posts, it's a sofa I bought in a nearby town for $45.  It had been sitting in a rundown building for who knows how long.  Kinda scarey, uh?

Here's the before picture:

I know, it looks pretty shabby.  Before I took it to the upholsterer I tore off alot of the old fabric, pulled out a lot of nails.   What made the biggest difference was refinishing the wood.  When we stripped the wood, we saw the beauty of the grain and it turned out to be the most gorgeous mahogany wood.  Of course, Mr. D put that front foot back on too.

So, I settled on a burlap looking fabric.  A cotton/linen combination that I got at a really great price!  I think I paid around $ 175 for 12 yards of this high quality upholsterey fabric.

The sofa should end up looking something like this:

I've decided to go for a french laundry look with a combination of an ethnic look.  I've been loving the Ikat design lately.  So possibly some pillows made of a ticking and some ethnic looking pillows.  Oh, and by the way this sofa is going in my living room.

Here's some pillows made out of ticking fabric that I think are oh, so cute:

The walls will be painted a light grayish blue.  I've got this vision in my mind of how I want the living room to look.  From the colors to the type of furniture.  Now I've just got to put what's in my mind into my living room.  It's happening one slllooowww step at a time.

Check back in the next couple of days for the reveal!

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  1. Good luck with the project! That sofa will surely look good as new! :)