Monday, August 22, 2011

Vintage 1950s Wedding Dress

Here's  a wedding dress (from 1952 to be exact) that is in my Etsy shop at  The number of pictures I can show of the dress is limited in my shop so I'm going to post some more right here.

The bust area of the dress is just a tad too small for the manni so I was unable to zip it all the way up.

The dress comes with this beautiful little lacey bolero jacket.

It also comes with these finger-less gloves and matching veil.

On the very bottom layer of netting (there's 3 layers) and at the bottom of the skirt there are some random holes.  The holes cannot be seen because the other 2 layers of netting are on top of it.  However, so that there is no worry about the holes, trimming several inches off of this netting should take care of this issue, and like I mentioned, you won't be able to notice that it's shorter because it's the last layer.  I believe that I may go ahead and do this so that everyone can see how it will look (still just as beautiful) and feel confident about purchasing the dress.

If you have any questions at all about this lovely dress, please send me an email in my Etsy shop at  Thanks for looking!

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