Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scenes from Wyoming

I mentioned from my last blog post that we would be in Utah and Wyoming for a good part of July.  One of my main goals was to have family pics made. Thankfully, I achieved this goal!  They were taken just outside of Lyman, WY where my husband, Duane is from.

I have to mention that it was *Not* easy standing there due to the awful yellow flies (like horse flies) and mosquitoes.  I had never encountered such awful bugs in Wyoming in my life.  People said that the large (and unuusual) amount of rain brought more bugs out than usual.  They were definitely feasting on us!

Here's two taken at Ft. Bridger, WY, not far from Lyman.  London, 2 1/2 years old was not cooperating at all.  It was 6pm, she was tired and wanted nothing to do with posing for pictures.

My sweet girls.

I captured the most beautiful rainbow one day after a rain just outside of Duane's brother's house.  It was a full rainbow, I went in the house to get my camera and by the time I came out it had turned to just half of one.

One day we went with my parent's (from Florida) fossil hunting.  They were vacationing in the same area.  Coincidentally, my mom's brother lives in the same small town in Wyoming as Duane's family.  I know, weird!

It was nice to go and visit but also very nice to come home to our own beds.  The weather this time of year in Wyoming and Utah is fab-u-lous!  Trust me, you people living out there may think you're sweating hot but compared to south Alabama, you're not!

Thanks for looking!

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