Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Witch Hunt

I did a photo shoot yesterday with my models Piper Williams and Azurea Crean.  I wanted to create a dark and kind of eery feel with black dresses and dead weeds.  I noticed across the street and down the road a bit there were, in fact, some interesting dead weeds.  And of course, I already had the black dresses.  Azurea commented that they looked like witches.  I insisted that they were the kindest and most beautiful kind of witches (because they are).  Love these girls!  Take a look at the witch hunt and then some sweet girl photography.

They are off on their hunt!

They got a little lost and were a bit confused in the maze of dead weeds.

Finally, among the weeds they decided what they would sacrifice!

They are giving it a bit more consideration......

But then, Azurea saw something moving in the trees and she got scared!

So they decided to return home and change into their "sweet girl" clothes.  Piper chose a 1950s Organza Skirt with a gorgeous beaded 1960s top.

Azurea decided on a remake of a Gone with the Wind Antebellum Dress

Piper decided to change into a 1940s Pale Pink Chiffon Dress and a 1940s lace hat.  She was in very deep thought.  How would she let him down easily? 

Finally, she had an idea.......  she knew how much Azurea liked him.

Azurea was so excited, she now had the man of her dreams and changed into her 1960s Salmon Pink Nightgown.   (it will be in the shop soon!)

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