Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yet Another Birthday.......

So I had yet another birthday on Monday, March 19.  I always expect this day to be just a tad bit better than other days.  It was for the fact that I had so many kind well wishers on Facebook.  But, as of mid day my DH (Mr. Duane) still had not even said happy birthday to me!  (He's home during the day and doesn't go into  work until 5:30pm.)  Not only this but he was somewhat in a grumpy mood.  I'd had enough and finally reminded him around 3pm that it was my bday!  He apologized profusely and said that he had forgotten.   He wasn't getting off this easily, I was irritated and he knew it!  It was time to take my girls to gymnastics and I was giving him the "eye" as we drove off.  Lets jump forward about 3 hours.  We had returned from gymnastics and walked in the house.  It was totally clean!  There were balloons everywhere!  Yep, while we were gone Mr. Duane cleaned the house and blew up what appeared to be enough balloons to make him loose his breath.  The girls were having a great time with the balloons and even after 16 years Mr. Duane ended up not disappointing me on my birthday.

He also hung this groovy Happy Birthday sign.

I visited  my parent's in Tallahassee this past weekend and my mom gave me this most awesome pillow she made from a large vintage tapestry.  So cool!

Not only were balloons and a clean house waiting for us but my friend Karyn Halverson left a package for me at the door.  Inside was a vintage 'Look" magazine and some sweet smelling lotions that my 3 year old has already taken the liberty of using.

****I must add a disclaimer for Mr. Duane.  He had given me a generous supply of cash a week earlier for my birthday.  I'm sure he felt that his work was done after that cash hit my hot little hands.****

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