Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Art of Men's Fashion

I'm so in love with the interiors of this men's clothing store in London. All done by artists James Plumb.

The ceiling light installation is amazing!

"London designers JamesPlumb have installed an antique church pew to create an aged interior for outfitter Hostem‘s new shop in Shoreditch, London."

The floorboards are restored but unfinished, while dusty hessian panels and linen curtains decorate the walls.

Evidently, everything (except the metal) literally was salvaged from aside the road to junk yards.

Clothes are hung on cold-bent metal clothing rails, and individual items highlighted by ceiling-hung light bulbs.

The name of the shop is Hostem.

An excerpt from the website: 

"From the warm tones of the washed out Swedish linen curtains and biscuit restored floorboards – to the raw, exposed bulbs that glow softly on the discreetly luxurious hand-painted hessian wall panels, a sense of quiet and calm pervades. This is Hostem, in the heart of Shoreditch’s thriving Redchurch Street, a new menswear establishment where the avant-garde and the street coalesce and where the traffic and shrill, city noises fade to mute. A menswear establishment intent on mixing luxury street brands with conceptual, left-field labels in an environment of considered, understated elegance."

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  1. This place is WONDERFUL!!! I love how everything is set up! This kind of shop is a dream come true!