Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Makings of a Studio

Our family of 4 lives in an 1800 sq. ft. house that seems to be slowly closing in on us.  We need space! A couple of months ago we decided to get busy and have someone remodel the 1600 sq. ft. building behind our house.  They did the outside, we've got to do the inside.  It's sort of a garage, workshop, storage building .............. you know one of those kind of buildings.

Here it is.  Mr. Thomas (husband) is painting the trim white.  We've still got to put garage doors on, hang a set of shutters on the window, and some landscaping.  Then....... our next step is to build a separate insulated room inside for my vintage clothing studio.  I'm so excited!

Here's some of the supplies for the soon to be studio.  You can't see all the insulation behind the sheets of wood.  I'm estimating the studio to be about 600 sq. ft. with clothing racks around the perimeter of the room and a table in the middle of the room for wrapping packages.  Does it sound cool?!

No more of me bringing my vintage findings into the house and sitting them on the kitchen table, but instead taking them directly to this new much needed room I've been dreaming about for years!


  1. you LUCKY LUCKY LADY! I want more space soooo much. You're gonna have so much fun fixing this up, huh? :)

  2. sounds amazing and great!! can't wait to see more photos of your space!

  3. Thanks to both out of you. Duane (hubby) is out working on the space as I type. I'll post more pics soon!