Thursday, September 8, 2011

L'Aiglon Dresses

L'Aiglon dresses have always been some of my favorite vintage dresses.  At times I've been able to spot one without looking at the tag.  Currently I have two in my shop.

Both of them can be found right here.

Here's one I had in my shop earlier this year that my mom found for me while visiting my sister in Illinois.  She fought for this one and some more at an auction (she did good!):

Here's a history:

L’Aiglon was founded in 1919 in Philadelphia as part of Biberman Brothers, Inc. The company’s original label read “Biberman Make” but changed in 1919 to “L’Aiglon”. On those early labels you will find “Biberman Make” in small letters. Biberman Make dresses were “wash dresses”, or washable. “Tubable” was the word of the era. Biberman also made bathrobes and uniforms for maids and nurses.

Its founder, Joseph Biberman, committed suicide in 1933 as a result of financial difficulties during the Great Depression. The company, however, survived, and continued to make inexpensive but stylish and attractive dresses for women and juniors. During the 1950s, L’Aiglon dresses were used as costumes on the soap opera, The Edge of Night. The company produced dresses until about 1968.

~~~~I would *Love* to find a piece with the "Biberman Make" tag!~~~~

To date your L'Aiglon dress look to the Vintage Fashion Guild that lists the various L'Aiglon tags by decade.


  1. Hello! I am the great Grandson of Joseph Biberman- Grandson of actor/director Abner Biberman, and Grandnephew of Blacklisted Hollywood 10 director Herbert J. Biberman, who directed "Salt of the Earth". Might you please tell me your asking prices? Thank you in advance!
    Warmest Regards,
    Luke Sacher

    PS- my father Toby was legally adopted by the famous attorney Harry Sacher- he was sentenced to Federal Prison for Contempt of Court after defending the "Foley Square" NYC Public School Teachers who were accused of being Communists during the Red Scare... he was also John Garfield's attorney.

    1. I have a nearmint L'Aiglon dress with matching bolero jacket that I would be willing to sell. It was my mothers and it's from the early 1950's (tag with red lettering).

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  3. Hi Sassy Sister!
    I'll be listing an early L'Aiglon Biberman Make dress from the 20s sometime this week. It will go on Instagram for sale before I list it in my etsy shop. Let me know if you're interested! -Judy