Sunday, June 19, 2011

Introducing the New Masterbath

So, I've been chomping at the bit to share some pics of the totally gutted and remodeled masterbath.  I must say that I have looked high and low for the before pics and I Can't Find Them.....just one where we're in the middle of construction!  I'm very irritated by this.  Imagine the 1960s blue tiles, that style that was in so many homes of the 60s, except these were all cracked and just pure ugly.  There was a shower (no bath) a small sink and just a alot of ugliness!  We have also enlarged the bathroom; where the tub/shower is now located, was where a large linen closet was.  It is now half the size but still in the hall.

Looking from the door of the masterbath.

Looking from the tub/shower.

A double sink vanity.

You can't see the floors but we put large square slightly off white ceramic tiles down.  We were trying to keep a clean and somewhat neutral palette since we would like to sell the house sometime in the near future.

In the middle of construction.

Here's our kitchen that we finished remodeling a while back.  I wish you could have seen it before.  A total eyesore with ugly brown linoleum on the floor (hardwood floors now that match the rest of the house), pink countertops, disgustingly icky appliances and I could go on...........

It's only taken us, or should I say Duane, 9 months to get this bathroom remodel (semi) finished.  He has worked his tushy off.....there was soooooo much to be done!  Not to mention that some weeks he had no time to work on this because of working so many hours at his "real" job.

It's still not finished:  crown molding to be hung, the edges of the tile in the masterbath still needs work, the mirrors need to be hung, no window treatment.  That cute little tray above the toilet needs to be hung too.  I'm still deciding on any other decoration, but I'm kind of enjoying things the way they are.

It was pretty much Duane who did all the grunt work, while I chose the colors, design, cabinet, etc.

Hope you enjoyed looking!


P.S.  We *are* looking to sell this house sometime soon although we haven't put it on the market yet.  Anybody wanna by a house?


  1. I am in love with the remodel. It makes me sort of miss having a place to do stuff to.

  2. Thanks Elyse! It *is* fun of my all time favorite things to do ;-)