Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Decor Dilemma

A couple of months ago I was in my favorite local antique mall, The Highlands just plundering (for some reason that I don't remember, I had a little time all by myself). I've been looking for a large letter "T" to hang up in our dining room and just happened to find a very large one in a booth at the back. I assumed it would be outside a price range I'd feel comfortable paying, but nope, it wasn't! $35 was reasonable enough for me.

I'm sure it came off of some old sign because of the brackets in the back and was hooked up to be electric.  Ya just don't see T's like this anymore.  (My intentions are to take the brackets off in the back but just haven't gotten around to it yet.)

So finally last week I had the chance to hang it up.  I asked Duane (my husband) to go and take a look at it. I was so sure that Duane would be thrilled with it because it was the first initial of his namesake.  The last name that he's carried around with him all his life.  A big "T" for Thomas!   He looked at it and his first reply was "it's pink".  Pink?  I looked at it and thought it was red.  In his eyes it was pink.  I asked him, well, so do you like it?  Duane:  hmmm, it's alright.  I was so surprised!  No other comments from Duane since.  Geesh!  Don't get too thrilled next time Duane.  Well, my intentions are to keep this big letter "T" hanging right where it is.  It's cool, funky and different.  Really, what I think is that it's just a bit too big and wild for Duane.  His conservative nature just won't allow him to like my big letter "T".  I'm keepin' it 'til I find one I like better though.

P.S.  Did you see those other big letters?  The white ones on the floor.  Those are big enamel/metal letters from the 1930s.  They still need a little bit of cleaning but will be in my shop soon!


  1. I love it with the chair and the black frames, very cool.