Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chairs, Chairs and Chairs.......

 have a "thing" for chairs, specifically, unique and well made chairs.  Mostly I'm attracted to chairs from the past.  Not the mass produced kind of chairs that you can go in any furniture showroom across America and find, but the kind of chairs that have a history or past, maybe a little chip or nick here or there.  I like the kind that needs to be reupholstered or possibly updated by painting a more trendy color.  Here are some of the chairs in my home.  They all have a unique past:

I'm actually sitting in this chair at this very moment.  It is the chair that everyone in our family uses when we are at the computer.  It has a nice green leather seat that appears to have been pocked and prodded quite a bit.  That's okay though, the pocking and prodding on the seat is called "character".

A sweet vintage child's school desk that both of my daughter's use while eating in the family room and watching t.v.

I had a booth in an antique mall and also made many friends with fellow antique dealers.  One of my friends whose name was Wayne had this chair in his booth.  I was admiring the chair one day because I liked the little wooden legs on it and I liked how it sat so low to the floor.  It was super comfy too.  I told him how much I liked it and he said "do you want it"?  Of course I wanted it!  Actually, it had the gosh ugliest orange rust fabric on it.  I think a couple of people told Wayne how ugly it was.  Of course these people had no vision for something that had lots of potential.  A couple of years ago my mom reupholstered it for me in this funky red, velvet fabric.  It sits in our living room

Another chair that my mom gave to me quite a few years back for Christmas.  We reupholstered it together.  It's probably from the 1920's.  I can't forget to tell you that my mom recained the back of this chair on her own.  She figured out how to do it by the instructions she found in a book.  I thought this was pretty cool.

This has always been one of my favorite chairs.  I bought is from a fellow vintage clothing dealer about 12 years ago.  I love the clean square lines with the mod floral decoration in the middle.  It would be a dream to have six of these chairs that were matching.  Also, it folds up.

A vintage Heywood Wakefield chair from the 50s or 60s maybe.  It sits in our dining room.  Nothing else in the room is red, but I love this pop of color.  The adjoining living room does have quite a bit of red so it actually does "go" pretty well.  I have always liked vintage wicker, and again, I love clean, simple lines.  This chair was also bought from a fellow vintage clothing dealer.

Here are some the newest and coolest items in my shop:

A beautiful, unused carpet bag with wicker on the sides.  Love the colors in it!

Couture Frank Usher 1960s Pale Yellow Dress and Jacket.  Amazing condition!

A very hip color right now!  Orange enamel tea pot with a black handle and wooden lid.  Made in Japan.

Mod flower early 70s mini skirt.

Funky 60's curtain panels.

I love this dress, especially the awesome trim down the side and front.  A late 60s to early 70s dress.  Sooo cute on too!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my chairs and items for sale.  Check out for more cool vintage items.


  1. i love the chairs. chairs and lamps are my weaknesses at thrift stores. they all want me to take them home :)

  2. Kim,
    I've got to have the chair with the bent arms, the one that your mom re-caned! I love it. Also like the red wicker chair with the swastika in the back as decoration. Before the Nazis took the swastika, it was known in the US as the native american good luck symbol. Quite unique!!

  3. Maria, I love lamps too. I've got so many in my house. That may be good for another blog post.

    Justin, nice to hear from you :) Isn't that bent arm chair so cool! The wicker one I bought from Julie who also sells vintage clothing in the Highlands. You know who I'm talking about don't you. I didn't know that about swastikas.